About Us
I started Embrace Design with the aim to provide support to design students, graduates and established designers.

My business offers a variety of services; CNC milling (wood and aluminium), 3D carving, 3D printing, resin printing, laser cutting & engraving, aluminium welding, sheet metal fabrication, spray painting and providing design/technical consultancy.

Previously I’ve worked in retail for two and a half years for Techtronics as a tool demonstrator/salesman. In December 2013 I successfully graduated from the Wellington Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Creative Technologies. I demonstrated focus and commitment to my study, as I do in all aspects of my work. I have always aspired to have my own business which is why I persevered with my studies with the satisfaction of proving that someone with disabilities can succeed with support and inspiration.

Embrace Design’s competitive edge includes my determination to maintain perfection in products manufactured through Embrace Design and providing excellent customer service. I also pride myself on understanding the needs and limitations that both designers and students face. I take enjoyment from working with complicated and intricate designs. No matter how small or large the project is, I aim to use my expertise and passion to help students and designers alike.