Artist Spaces Available

Information for you to know before applying.

The products you intend to sell must be made/designed by you.

When you apply please send us some pictures of your work.

The spaces that we rent out are 1.2m w x 0.6 d x 2.3 h or 0.6 m w x 0.6 d x 2.3 h and include wall and table space. (w= width. d= depth. h= height. m= meters)

A space costs $50.00 + GST p/w (1.2m) or $35.00 + GST p/w (0.6m).

Contracts are for six months and then rollover.

Your products must be coded and we need a stock list. This way we can easily identify your product and mark it when it is sold. More information about how to do this coding is in the contract.

We pay out the earnings fortnightly into your provided bank account and email you an invoice of what you have sold.

We ask that you put 5% on top of your product price. This is NOT commission, this 5% covers credit card fees and also packaging provided by Embrace Design.

When you do your calculations some artists choose to round to the next dollar.

For more information or questions please click here or contact Anneke at
Come into the shop and talk to Anneke, Henri or Sarah about the spaces available.
Embrace Design and Fellow Artists
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