At Embrace Design we know how important it is to get experience in your craft to develop your skills. We offer internships to Tertiary students studying in creative fields.

Internships are not paid. We exchange our knowledge for your help in the work shop. Some tasks that will be asked of you may include:
Sanding, cleaning 3D prints, moving materials around, breaking down plastic bottles for shredding, digital design and spray painting. Depending on experience you may also be asked to help at events that we go to.

In Exchange for these tasks we will have you involved with honing your skills in digital design, programming and using machines that are relevant to your study including a CNC Mill, 3D printers and laser cutters. You will also be set up in our workshop, the hub of our business. You will see how we promote our selves, how we interact with customers and their orders and how we run our own business.

It is good for students who need to get experience in a work environment and see how they can develop their own ideas of introducing their art or business to the market. We will look at all applications but spaces are limited. We will need to see a portfolio of work to ensure that your field is something that we can help with. You must be proactive, hands on and punctual.

If you are interested in applying please click HERE or contact Henri at