Shot Glasses from TV & Movies

Shot Glasses from TV & Movies


A 60ml shot glass beautifully engraved

(guaranteed dishwasher safe)

1) Hagrid's famous quote"You are a Wizard, Harry". In the Harry Potter font.

2) Dalek's famous quote "Exterminate". In the Dr Who font.

3) Yoda's famous quote "Do. Or Do Not. There is no try. In the Star Wars font.

4) Batman's famous quote "Actions Define Us" in the Batman font.

5) Arya's famous quote "Fear Cuts Deeper than Swords". In the Game of Thrones font.

6) Spock's famous quote" Live Long and Prosper" in the Star Trek font.

7) Avengers rally chant "Avengers Assemble". In the Avengers font.

8) Pokemon theme song's phrase " Gotta Catch Em All!” in the Pokemon font.

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