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Embrace Design’s Shop

In Embrace Design’s online shop you will find many gifts and goodies for yourself and your friends. Everything that we sell is made by one of our team members at Embrace Design. You will see pop-culture references in our glassware range, 3D prints and wall art. We also sell furniture and homewares all made by us. We offer to do custom designs as well, please click HERE for information on personalized gifts.


Digital Fabrication Services

Embrace Design offers a variety of services; CNC milling (wood and aluminium), 3D carving, 3D printing, laser cutting & engraving, aluminium welding, sheet metal fabrication, spray painting and providing design/technical consultancy.


Personalized Gifts

Embrace Design can create customised artwork for 21st keys and engraved glassware. If you have an idea for a friend or loved one let us know and we will do our best to bring your ideas to life.

Embrace Design’s Shop in Tawa

We have felt welcomed by the Tawa community, many tell us they are happy to support handmade art by locals. Embrace Design and Fellow Artists started as a shop with only artists from Tawa, we have since branched out inviting artists from outside of the Wellington Region to join us as well.

Custom work made by Embrace Design

Embrace Design offers customised products for clients including; engraved glassware, 21st keys and fabrication of clients designs.