Embrace Design and Fellow Artists


Embrace Design and Fellow Artists opened in November 2018. It was an exciting new step in our business plan. Opening our shop was important for us as well as the community. Like many artists we had lost a massive collaborative retail space known as CraftWorld/Nzique in the last quarter of 2018. For many of us it was one of the few retail spaces we occupied.

We located a shop that had been empty for a while down the road from our workshop however the shop would be too big for us alone. It was a difficult time with Christmas just ahead of us so we reached out to our friends who we met on markets and offered spaces to them in our new shop.

We have felt welcomed by the Tawa community, many tell us they are happy to support handmade art by locals. Embrace Design and Fellow Artists started as a shop with only artists from Tawa, we have since branched out inviting artists from outside of the Wellington Region to join us as well.


180 Main Road Tawa, 5028 Wellington


Frabella Soaps are passionate about the land and keeping things natural. They follow organic practices to ensure their land and animals are kept in the best condition. They are excited to bring a slice of their paradise to you in their luxury goats milk soap. Frabella Soaps are handcrafted in small batches using traditional cold processed method, to preserve the natural goodness of their ingredients.

Website: www.frabellasoaps.co.nz

Facebook: Frabella Soaps

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Alex was born and raised in Tawa, always loving animals she endeavoured to work them in any capacity. While working at a Dog Day Care it became apparent that many of the dogs were wearing poor quality, boring collars and leads. Because of this Alex decided the industry needed pet products from someone who has experience and a passion for animals in all shapes and sizes.

This is how Bow Wow Boutique NZ was born. The goal being to individualize your pets products, not only making them look stunning but also making sure they hold up against wear and weather.

Website: www.bowwowboutique.co.nz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BWBNZ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bowwowboutiquenz/

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Jacqueline was fortunate enough to grow up in rural New Zealand which gave her a strong connection to the land. She is a self-taught artist who has been drawing and painting as long as she can remember. Since moving to the Wairarapa four and a half years ago, Jacqueline finally has the time and space to create and share her art with others, where the very soul of the people and the land begs you to be creative, in whatever form you choose. 

Website: www.jacquelinehocquardart.com

Facebook: The Weaving Artist

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Sally is a fabric magpie! Bright colours, subtle tones and “out of the ordinary” designs feature in her creations. Sally chooses materials of excellent quality. Cottons, including certified organic where possible, calico, canvas and linen are her preference although she will feature occasionally vegan leather or P.U. If you prefer a carry all that is locally-made, well made, distinctive and without a store logo, check out the S Wish collection.
Sally is also pleased to offer Microwave Bowl Cosies in a variety of colours and patterns. The Bowl Cosies are perfect for protecting fingers and furniture very hot bowls and are designed to go in the microwave with the bowl. They are completely microwave safe, reversible, machine washable and also great for holding bowls of cold ice cream! The Bowl Cosies can be used to hold jewellery on a dresser, corral TV remotes, hold sewing supplies, keep keys near the front door and more.

Website: https://felt.co.nz/shop/swish


Beauty in Simplicity.
Marna hand crafts each beautiful sheet of paper which gives every bag, gift tag and envelope a unique charm and nature of its own.
Marna also does lovely frame pieces of are using paper, material and shells.

Website: www.marchérn.com


Aimee-lee’s Creative Pieces
”I love my art with my heart and soul and hope it brings joy to others”
Aimee-lee takes rocks and gives them a whole new life as art. She hand paints all of them. Also available are letters that she hand paints and decorates them for custom order.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aimee-lees-Creative-Pieces-1489206641352361/

Instagram/Picdeer: http://picdeer.com/aimeeleescreativepieces